Private and Group Classes

Plant-Based or Vegan cooking is not difficult and it tastes great! Learn how to modify your existing recipes and create plant-based alternatives. Learn about plat based products, how to use them and maximize flavor profiles and satisfy your taste buds. Please contact me for pricing. Learn how to use different proteins like Temphe Seitan and Tofu.

Be Kind

What’s In Your Pantry?

What do you need to stock in your pantry to successfully cook plant based meals. We will review what you have and what additions can be made. Let’s discuss how to safely cook and store your food.

Market Excursions

Let’s shop together and look at what’s available, read labels, discuss labeling and other questions you may have regarding what’s in your food. Many items are accidentally vegan and others you would never guess have dairy or eggs.

Kick the Dairy Habit

Make your own plant based cheese, nut milks and yogurts and learn how to replace eggs in recipes and make silky egg like replacers.