Weekly Meal Prep and Delivery

This can be done in your home or delivered. Offerings will change based on season, availability, chefs choice and what’s in demand; soups, purees, pickled and canned goods, savory baked goods, seitan and tempeh.

Private Dinner and Catering Events

Instead of going out to a restaurant, share a plantbased and relaxing meal in the comfort of your own home.  Don’t worry about the shopping, cooking or cleaning; I’ve got it covered!

Catering for small events and outreach

In home, office, events or gatherings. I will make your event spectacularly delicious. Invite us to your school, hospital, senior center, community center and learn more about plant based eating!

Farmers Markets

I will be selling plant based products at the Farmers Market in Newport RI.  Offerings will include soups, purees, baked goods, vegan proteins and much more!

Working Together to Achieve your goals

  • eat a well balanced plant-based diet
  • stock your pantry for quick easy plant based meals
  • learn how to cook satisfying and nutritious meals
  • shop confidently for groceries while saving money & time
  • transition to a plant-based diet without stress
  • transition foods vs. whole foods
  • learn how to order the most health supporting food at a restaurant
  • receive dedicated support


Supporting local farms and vendors boosts local economy, aides in sustainable living and keeps our products free from harmful chemicals and GMO’s.  We also use packaging that is friendly to the environment.



Please contact us if you have any questions.  Call us today with your plant-based needs!

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