Farmers Markets and Vegan Events

Time to cook

Learn how to cook delicious vegan/plant based meals that are filling, satisfying and nutritious.  Culinary instruction is tailored to your needs and incorporates nutrition best suited for you.  Book a class for yourself, a group or a corporate event, you will not be disappointed in the techniques you will learn!

Teach Me

Time to eat

Our chefs have designed a menu of vegan offerings that will satisfy all taste buds.  You can find our offering at the Newport Rhode Island farmers market or order meals from our meal planner.  You are in charge of your meals.  Food Delivery systems are great, but they are better when a chef teaches you how to turn your pantry into a culinary haven.

Feed Me

Time to take action

Food with a mission is the tag line for sprout and lentil.  We believe in animal welfare, sustainable living,  the environment and individual health.  Our chef is trained in plant based nutrition, eat well and healthy. We will be hosting events that keep you involved and evolving in the changing paradigm of food.  Please check our calendar for events.  Peace, love and animals.

Help Them

Friends not food


Food With A Mission

We are living in a moment in time where we see a shift in how we eat, live and interact with the world.  It’s important that our values align with every aspect of our lives, whether its, vegan/plant based eating, yoga, self care and activism.  We believe that if you eat healthy satisfying meals created with plants people can wean themselves off of dairy and meat products and discover a wonderful world of food that is creative, fun and not harming animals. All the food we create at SPROUT AND LENTIL is made with Plants, we use no byproduct from animals, no cruelty in food.  Ever



If you are interested in booking a class, devouring our creations or visiting us at the farmers market to try one of our amazing soups, hit the button, I dare you 🙂

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